• Inner Circle FB Group

    Access to our private Inner Circle FB group for 6 months (expires 7/7/23) = where you can ask any questions about your clinic, marketing, operations, finance, expansion, wealth, etc.

  • 1x per Month Q&A

    1x/mo we have a Live Zoom Q&A Session, where you can get answers, feedback & Action steps that you can apply to your practice immediately, submit your stats and Jimmy will do a Stats Analysis. The Q&A Sessions are recorded and you can re-watch the sessions as many times are you want (access expires: 7/7/23).

  • 50% off Achieve University

    Your membership includes 50% off ALL courses on Achieve University

  • Achieve Practice Success FB Group

    Access to the Practice Success Community FB group, where there is a Weekly Webinar Training by successful practitioners with various backgrounds and types of practice. (starts in Feb 2023, exact date TBD)

  • 1x per Week ROLE PLAY

    1x/wk Role Play with Jimmy & Team Achieve's Top Performers. Iron out your communication with patients, so that become a master communicator. You get 6 months Access to all Role Play Recordings, including Bonus Recording of past Role Plays (expires 7/7/23)


Additional Information

  • TIME = to be determined

  • DATES = to be determined

Weekly ROLE PLAY Sessions

Additional Information

  • TIME = Fridays @ 1:30-2:30pm CST

  • DATES = starts 1/20/23 > Ends 7/7/23

Monthly Q&A Recordings

    1. INNER CIRCLE (Monthly Q&A #1)

    2. INNER CIRCLE (Monthly Q&A #2)

    3. INNER CIRCLE (Monthly Q&A #3)

    4. INNER CIRCLE (Monthly Q&A #4)

    5. INNER CIRCLE (Monthly Q&A #5)

    6. INNER CIRCLE (Monthly Q&A #6)

    7. INNER CIRCLE (Monthly Q&A #7)

    1. APA Inner Circle Training (2023-02-03)

About this course

  • $20,000.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content